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Please reference the following customer reviews for BIGTOYexpress:

Apr 24, 2016 "First time ordering online. Very easy and very satisfied."

Apr 24, 2016 "It's very good, for my kids this good price I didn't even pay tax no shipping fee no handling fee that's a very good I'm going shopping next time 2"

Apr 19, 2016 "Price was very reasonable, less than many other vendors, and free delivery was excellent. Delivered directly to home."

Apr 18, 2016 "This was easy and a pleasure to order from."

Apr 2, 2016 "Wish you had shipping options. Great it's free shipping but wanted next day delivery and willing to pay the price."

Mar 18, 2016 "So far i love it!!"

Mar 4, 2016 "It was so quick and easy to order! And free shipping is great!"

Feb 24, 2016 "I am highly satisfied with my purchase. It came in way before I expected and the price was better than anywhere that I searched. Definitely will be using Big Toy Express in the future."

Feb 20, 2016 "Just anxious to receive the gift! My sons bday party is 3 weeks from today. It is a freight item. Freight takes 1-3 weeks to deliver. Hoping it gets here in time!"

Jan 28, 2016 "A great purchasing experience. Lower cost than anywhere else and fast delivery, far faster than they predicted."

Jan 28, 2016 "Great experience. Good price, easy checkout, quick delivery, and good quality product."

Jan 28, 2016 "This was a great toy for my grandson, he wants to ride it everyday."

Jan 17, 2016 "This was my first ever purchase from this merchant and I hope all goes smoothly. But from what I've seen so far the prices look better than other retailers and no shipping costs are always a bonus! The products look the same and the descriptions as well. I've read several positive reviews so I'm pretty excited to receive the product and then will be able to say more about this site."

Jan 10, 2016 "Saw this toy at a friends house & had to get it for my grandchildren."

Jan 5, 2016 "I want to rave about your company. Your customer support team was outstanding in assuring my happiness and satisfaction. Originally the dream kitchen I originally ordered was out of stock (the color scheme I wanted). It was a product that was phasing out though during purchase showed the colors but afterward your website showed different colors. My contact [...] was very pleasant and assisted me above and beyond, finding out for me I would get different colors, and not the ones I wanted, and assisting me with another option, going with a bigger kitchen with the color scheme I wanted, at a discount. I was very pleased with the suggestion and it ultimately worked out terrific as there are more features to this one, it has the same color scheme I wanted, and it made my girl's Christmas. He did not have to assist me as he did and I was able to reach him via email or phone at any time and he was quick at responding and helping me resolve my situation to satisfaction. [...] deserves a big raise and is a big part of my extreme praise of your company. Great job!"

Jan 4, 2015 "Good company"

Dec 28, 2015 "Lowest price plus free shipping can't be beat, plus kids are thrilled with the toy. Thank you!"

Dec 25, 2015 "Reasonable prices and quick checkout"

Dec 24, 2015 "Love it"

Dec 19, 2015 "This shopping experience was great, very pleasant and uneventful."

Dec 15, 2015 "Very pleased!!"

Dec 15, 2015 "Very nice site. I never heard of it"

Dec 9, 2015 "Good experience so far, if shipping is as good it will be awesome"

Dec 8, 2015 "So far everything is great!! Easy to find what I was looking for!! Awesome to find a site with NO SHIPPING CHARGES!! Thanks BIGTOY express!!!!!"

Dec 8, 2015 "I have been looking for this every where and I finally found it here and at a good price! Yay!"

Dec 7, 2015 "Great price, friendly customer service!"

Dec 5, 2015 "I did call, but no one answered During the holidays, I would think that c/s would be available."

Dec 2, 2015 "The best price..."

Dec 2, 2015 "So far so good...I was looking for the lifestyle dream kitchen and it was sold out everywhere, or was a different color than the one I really wanted. I happened to google what I wanted and found this site and was glad I did! The site had one in stock, the one I had been searching for, and it was a decent price. Bonus - no shipping or tax! I am hopeful it will be shipped without an issue and fast as I have read other customer reviews and found them to be very good."

Nov 29, 2015 "Thank you for your on line service."

Nov 26, 2015 "Made it easy for me to fill my order and check out"

Nov 18, 2015 "I purchased an item for Christmas for my nieces, and was so happy to find it here with FREE shipping and NO tax! This saved me $20 on my purchase and I know they will love it!"

Sep 30, 2015 "I was very pleased to find this clubhouse climber. This was the best price I could find anywhere. The other selling point for us was the free shipping and no tax. I will defintely let friends know about this company."

Aug 18, 2015 "I bought a large cardboard house that my grandson and I will decorate with batman. Can't wait."

Aug 7, 2015 "I am impressed with the quality and selection as well as the pricing. I hope not to be disappointed with the shipping of this gift."

Jun 8, 2015 "Very pleased with the product!!"

Jun 2, 2015 "Overall I believe the price to be very good I am a small business owner and will be visiting the site again also I will be telling all my colleagues about the site."

May 17, 2015 "Very happy with my order. Shipping said 1-6 weeks and I received my order in 1 week. Everything was in perfect condition."

May 7, 2015 "This was much more difficult to put together than I expected. The directions need words, not just pictures. The pieces need to be labeled better and then shown in the pictures."

Apr 19, 2015 "This is a nice site. I think I will order from here again depending on the shipping outcome."

Apr 6, 2015 "Been looking a long time for this item and wasn't willing to pay for it and an additonal $300 for shipping [...]"

Apr 5, 2015 "Was glad I found this and was no extra shipping."

Apr 3, 2015 "I was extremely happy with big toy express. found this on toy's r us website. did comparisions and 4 of the places I checked out couldn't fulfill order or it cost 200.00 in freight charges to get it here."

Mar 30, 2015 "Great prices."

Mar 11, 2015 "A completely satisfied customer. When I placed the order, I was informed that it would take 1-3 weeks for arrival. I received my purchase in 4 days! Also, the price listed, was the price I paid. There were no additional shipping and processing charges. I WILL use this site in the future."

Feb 15, 2015 "I have never ordered with your store in the past, but if I am satisfied with the product and arrival time, I will be back!! The pricing was amazing and the zero for shipping.I have twin daughters under two and will be ordering many more toys in the future."

Jan 8, 2015 "This is my first time visiting this website. I am so excited about my purchase. Hoping to get it ASAP. It is a gift."